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La Dama "Dames"

Vibrant, mysterious, and confrontational, Hector’s "Dames"-" La Dama" are a mishmash of cultural imagery, popular references, and traditional allusions, painted in a variety of sizes in vividly feathered colors. His work, which is loaded with dramatic techniques, is immediately striking because of his curated color schemes. Some pieces languish in endless tones of blue, others pop in red, and still others contain a full range of bright, electric hues. Hector’s engaging images reflect customs, beliefs and lifestyle ideas handed down through generation, elaborate and simple. A modern and elegant, approach to tradition with a progressive attitude. With his nostalgic and iconic “dames and gents” Hector Llamas is relatable to the modern believer of traditions and stories. He uses every medium and technique in his arsenal, from printmaking and drawing to painting and glazing to obtain a visual hold on memories and imagination.

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A Lapiz "In Pencil"

A sketch is a rough or unfinished drawing or painting, often made to assist in making a more finished picture. Hector carries the look and feel of a pencil drawing throughout his paintings. He starts with a graphite pencil or a stick of charcoal even before the drawing becomes a painting, Hector’s sketches have a rough sense of completion, and can easily be presented as  finished products. This is why Hector carries the drawing essentials of crosshatching and shading into his finished paintings. He layers from graphite pencils, to charcoals and pastels, even wax pencils in capturing the emotional response that he wants to evoke from his viewers.

Visto Moderno "Modern View"

With his abstract compositions, Visto Moderno, "Modern View"​, Hector does not attempt to represent an accurate depiction of a visual reality but instead use shapes, colors, forms and gestural marks to achieve its effect. He works in a controlled improvisatory manner often using different color pallet and applies the mediums with random objects to create different textures. Layer after layer of multimedia strategically applied create the depth and inviting perception in Hector’s abstract painting. His dramatic and unique scale in some of his pieces push you to see it from the far but the intriguing use of medium and texture keeps bringing you close.

El Lugar "Place"

From a distance, the multimedia art of Hector’s El Lugar "Place" paintings may appear like simple abstracted landscapes, but a closer inspection of these pieces reveals a complexity of layers, textures, and media. Using materials such as, paper collage, sand, sea salt, acrylic paint, wax pencil, oil pastes, and more. Hector laboriously creates artwork that inspires mood, reflections of places and things that fascinate him. From his nostalgic architectural buildings and interiors to every beach he has ever visited.  In a way, looking at one of these "Places" is like peering into a cabinet of curiosities and albums, a collection of memories that may otherwise seem obscure or worthless, but which have obtained a sense of value and perhaps even mystery through his composition.

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